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87px Class: [[]]
Gender: Male/Female
Species: Species of hero
50px Specialty : [[Hero specialty#{{{specialty}}}|{{{specialty}}}]]
Starts with:


How to use

Copy the code at the beginning of the creature article, and fill in the missing information. Notice, that the factors below are case sensitive meaning, that "Town" is not the same as "town".

 | name          = {{PAGENAME}}
 | class         = 
 | gender        = 
 | spieces       = 
 | specialty     = 
 | spec_expl     = <!---Use <br/> to keep box narrow enouh.!--->
 | sec_skill1    = 
 | sec_skill2    = 

If for some reason pictures of hero or specialty does not appear automatically, you can add the following rows:

 | picture       = 
 | specialty_pic =