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Terek the Battle Mage
Basic information:
Terek Class: Battle Mage
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Terek spent several years as a strong-man in the Circus of the Sun, challenging spectators to see who could throw large rocks the furthest. One day he lost, and was run out of the Circus, but the man who had beaten him recruited him for the Krewlod Army.
Specialty: Haste
Specialty Haste Casts haste with increased effect, based on the level of the target unit.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics
Starting troops:
Goblin Goblin 15–25 Always
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 5–7 3/4
Orc Orc 4–6 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Goblin Goblin 15–25 Always
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 5–7 Always
Orc Orc 4–6 Always
Starting spell:
Haste Haste
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1560 1630 1560

Terek the Battle Mage is a hero from Stronghold. Terek starts with a spell book and the spell Haste.


Terek's specialty gives in addition to normal Haste speed bonuses
     +3 to creatures on level 1–2
     +2 to creatures on level 3–4
     +1 to creatures on level 5–6
     No additional bonus for creatures on level 7.
Although the description of the specialty states, "based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit", the hero's level has no effect on the specialty.

Speed of Stronghold creatures with normal Haste and Terek's Haste:

Name Level Speed Basic Haste Adv./Expert Haste Terek Basic Haste Terek Adv./Expert Haste
Thunderbird Thunderbird 5+ 11 14 16 15 17
Ancient Behemoth Ancient Behemoth 7+ 9 12 14 12 14
Wolf Raider Wolf Raider 2+ 8 11 13 14 16
Cyclops King Cyclops King 6+ 8 11 13 12 14
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin 1+ 7 10 12 13 15
Roc Roc 5 7 10 12 11 13
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 2 6 9 11 12 14
Cyclops Cyclops 6 6 9 11 10 12
Behemoth Behemoth 7 6 9 11 9 11
Goblin Goblin 1 5 8 10 11 13
Orc Chieftain Orc Chieftain 3+ 5 8 10 10 12
Ogre Mage Ogre Mage 4+ 5 8 10 10 12
Orc Orc 3 4 7 9 9 11
Ogre Ogre 4 4 7 9 9 11

Changed turn order for Terek:

This is somewhat less good if you need to strike immediately:

  • Wolf Raiders are fragile (but deal a tremendous amount of damage), so they should never attack first if there will be retaliation.
  • Hobgoblins can also deal out a lot of damage but are fragile as well.
  • Only the Thunderbirds go before Wolf Raiders and Hobgoblins, so at least one of the two "fragile" stacks will get a retaliation if there is one.
  • This may protect your Behemoths, but leads probably to more losses on your side.
  • Without Terek, you can always strike first with your Ancient Behemoths to protect the Wolf Raiders and the Cyclops Kings can weaken a stack for the Hobgoblins.

If you wait with all your creatures in the first round, then this new order is a lot better:

  • Wolf Raiders and Hobgoblins now go second and third-last.
  • Without Terek they would go before your Behemoths.

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