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Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game is an official product of Archon Studio and Ubisoft Entertainment, with contribution from HotA Crew.

Do you stand beside Queen Catherine Ironfist and vanquish the lurking chaos? Do you help the power-hungry Mutare fulfill her plans and turn her into a dragon? Or, maybe you despise all of this and want, together with Sandro, to cover the whole world with the shadow of death? Move through the beautiful land of Antagarich, plunge into adventures and strategic battles with endless possibilities.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game is an adventure-driven strategy game for 1-3 players set in the cult fantasy universe. The game includes competitive, cooperative, and solo scenarios to battle and explore your way through. The adventure maps will be represented by tiles, with each tile divided into seven hexagonal fields.

Play different scenarios with different victory conditions, explore the adventure map to discover various locations, and play out epic battles using the unique miniature models that represent the iconic units from the original game. All battles will be performed with models on separate boards. ― Publisher's description.


Base Game & Extras
  • Core Game
    • Azure Core Game
  • Stretch Goals
    • Azure Stretch Goals
  • Battlefield Expansion
  • Hardcover Artbook
  • Posters Pack
  • Shaded Figures
  • Big Box

Official Downloads[edit]

The official downloads page includes a rule book, mission books for the base game and stretch goals, as well as content guides and commentary from the game's designers.

Rule Book Rewrite[edit]

This project aims to rewrite the original rule book, in which the amount of vague language was just too vast to ignore. This repository hosts a document that aims to explain the rules clearly and concisely, and should eventually have an answer for any basic rules query you might have. The content in the official English rule book is, simply put, insufficient as a teaching tool for the game or as a general rules reference. If you read the thread linked above you should understand how frustrating this has been for me. ― Hermanni "Heegu" Karppela, author of the Rule Book Rewrite

The Rule Book Rewrite project was first published in January 2024 as an overhaul to the original game's rule book, which was deemed too vague and insufficient by the author. It is a community-driven and collaborative book with full interactivity in the PDF file, making navigation easy.

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