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{{Location|Witch Hut as seen on the [[adventure map]]}}
Adventure map location where a hero can learn a new [[Secondary Skill]].  By default [[Leadership]] and [[Necromancy]] are turned off.
'''Witch Hut''' is an [[adventure map]] location, where a hero can learn a new [[secondary skill]] by visiting them. The hut teaches the skill only to basic level if the hero has not already learned it. By default the secondary skill is randomly chosen, but cannot be [[Leadership]] or [[Necromancy]]. The map-maker can choose which secondary skills (including Leadership and Necromancy) are eligible for the draw, or choose just one.  
A Hero type that wouldn't normally be able to learn a certain Secondary Skill can still do so at a Witch Hut.
For example, a [[Necropolis]] hero normally cannot learn Leadership.  A mapmaker may allow Leadership to be learned at a Witch Hut which could allow a Necropolis hero to attain this skill. Similarly a hero who would not normally be able to learn Necromancy can attain this skill at a Witch Hut.
Before the first visit there is no way to know what skill the Witch Hut will teach. Also, the hut does not ask whether the hero wants to learn a new skill or not, but teaches it immediately the hero enters the hut. Therefore it may be sensible to visit an unknown hut with a secondary hero to avoid unwanted secondary skills.
Since you can't turn down the skill being taught at a Witch Hut, it might be a sound strategy to send forth a scout to investigate before sending your main hero over.
Witch Hut is one of four ways heroes can acquire secondary skills that are restricted from their [[Hero class|class]]. For example, [[Barbarian]]s cannot learn [[Water magic]] when they [[Experience|gain levels]] or by visiting [[University|Universities]]. But visiting a Witch Hut that teaches Water magic will add it to their secondary skills. Other ways to learn restricted skills are, [[Seer's Hut]]s, [[Scholar (Adventure Map)|Scholars]] and [[event]]s.
'''Related topics'''
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[[Category: Adventure map]]
In {{hota}} heroes can refuse to learn a [[secondary skill]] in a Witch Hut.
== See also ==
{{map objects 'see also'}}
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