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  • Tower armies have some of the best ranged-attack units available.
  • A good strategy for Tower is to upgrade Workshop as soon as possible in order to upgrade Gremlins into shooting Master Gremlins. With relatively fast Stone Gargoyles it is possible to form protective wall of gargoyles around the a stack of Master Gremlins. This works especially good against wandering creatures. The downside is, that Master Gremlins only have 8 shots, which can sometimes run out. Additionally, casting Haste on Master Gremlins makes them typically act first.
  • Another useful strategy is to form few strong troops and fill the rest of the slots with one (or few) Master Genie each. During the combat Master Genies' can use their special ability to cast spells on the strong troops to furthermore boost their abilities. This way it is possible to cast 4–5 spells per turn.
  • Giants are not much use until they are upgraded to Titans. In fact, they only have 150 health which makes them quite vulnerable. However, upgrading them is very expensive.
  • Tower towns are very powerful in the late game, and draw much of their lore from the "wizard" hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II. Their creatures and structures are fairly pricey and on maps with scarce resources, you may find it difficult advancing your dwellings and especially acquiring titans. One tip for the thrifty wizard is skip upgrading some of your low level creatures. Gargoyles benefit with a speed boost to obsidian gargoyles, and master gremlins are a must (the Workshop is very cheap to upgrade), but until master genies, most creature upgrades are not necessary.
  • The lookout tower is a very helpful addition in the early game, and never underestimate the incredibly effective library structure. Despite it's high resource cost, the ability to gain extra spells for all levels is invaluable, and secures the tower as one of the strongest overall towns in the game.


  • Powerful units
  • Three ranged units and two fliers
  • Magic themed town
    • Library allows extra spells for each level of the Mage Guild
    • Both hero types begin with a Spell Book and a starting spell
    • Magi/Arch magi decreases spell cost by 2
  • Good support heroes, with many Scholars


  • Expensive units, with troops costing 30,800 gold and 4 gems to buyout every week
  • Requires lots of valuable resources
  • Relatively slow town (fastest troops move at speed 11)
  • Fairly poor pool of potential main heroes
  • Some of the worst non-upgraded units
  • The most expensive town to build up


best ranged units?[edit]

What drug makes one conclude that tower has some of the best ranged units??

I believe that is from the manual. Besides, is it not Titan the best ranged unit? ;) –Kapteeni Ruoska 10:58, 30 December 2013 (CET)