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External dwellings table row

  1. town (town=)
  2. dwelling (dwelling=)
  3. guards (guards=)
  4. creature (unit=)
  5. level
  6. growth
  7. cost (cost=)
  8. total cost (nototal=)


{{External dwellings table row|Castle|Portal of Glory|x3|Angel|7|1|cost=3000 {{G}}<br>1 {{gem}}|nototal=3000 {{G}}<br>1 {{gem}}}}
External dwellings (Horn of the Abyss)
Town Dwelling Guards Unit Level Growth Unit cost Total cost Visiting scheme
Castle Portal of Glory
Portal of Glory
Angel x3 Angel
7 +1 3000 Gold
1 Gem
3000 Gold
1 Gem
Portal of Glory