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Creatures immune to aging
Undead: Elementals:
Aging is a special ability of Ghost Dragons. It causes maximum health of every creature in the target stack to be halved. The effect lasts for 3 combat rounds, and can only be removed with the Cure spell. Aging only affects living creatures.

The aging takes effect after a stack of Ghost Dragons have attacked target creature stack and before the stack has chance to retaliate. Any health lost before the aging takes effesct remains lost (e.g. Angel has maximum health of 200. It is missing 60 health points and has 140 points remaining when aged. It will have 40 health left, which by calculation is 200/2 = 100 → 100-60 = 40.)

The effect of aging has multiplicative effect with Wyvern Monarchs' poisonous ability. This means, that the creature stack's health could potentially be quartered.

Creatures with aging special ability:

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