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School of Fire Magic
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Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 Protection from Fire
Level 2
 Fire Wall
Level 3
 Land Mine
Level 4
 Fire Shield
Level 5
 Summon Fire Elemental
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Armageddon is a 4 level spell in the School of Fire Magic.
School:  School of Fire Magic
Level:  4
Basic cost:  24
Duration:  instant
 Basic effect
All troops take (30 + (power × 50)) points of damage.
 Advanced effect
All troops take (60 + (power × 50)) points of damage.
 Expert effect
All troops take (120 + (power × 50)) points of damage.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   0
Rampart Rampart   0
Tower Tower   0 (0*)
Inferno Inferno   10
Necropolis Necropolis   10
Dungeon Dungeon   20
Stronghold Stronghold   0
Fortress Fortress   0
Conflux Conflux   0
* Without Library
It damages all creatures on the battlefield, including the caster's own troops. However, few creatures can resist the spell due their spell immunities.

Units immune to Armageddon:

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

Damage is reduced from 50*SP + 30/30/60/120 to 40*SP + 30/30/60/120. Read more here.


Armageddon can cause even more damage to creatures than the Implosion if collateral damage is taken into account. Because Armageddon damages all creatures, it has become part of one of the most renowned tactics, often called Dragogeddon. The tactic requires fast creatures immune to Armageddon. In the original Restoration of Erathia, Gold Dragons and Black Dragons where the fastest creatures with immunity to Armageddon, and that is where the name of the tactic was probably derived. Later in Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death, the Phoenix became the fastest creature with immmunity to Armageddon. When the hero's army only consists of immune creatures, the hero may cast Armageddon without damaging his own creatures, in the process causing severe damage to the enemy.

The town with the highest amount of creatures immune to Armageddon is Conflux, with 4 out of 7 fully upgraded creatures being completely immune. On top of that, it's their highest-tier creatures. However, to balance that, Conflux cannot learn Armageddon at all in their Mage Guild.

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