Badge of Courage

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Badge of Courage
Badge of Courage Class: treasure
Slot: misc
Cost: 1000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, The Badge of Courage increases hero's morale by +1. It also gives immunity to mind spells, although the effect is not in the artifact's description.
Badge of Courage is a treasure class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot.

According to the Badge of Courage's description, it only gives +1 to hero's morale. However, it also has a hidden effect, which gives hero's troops immunity to all mind spells. This latter power was never documented in the game.


It seems that the mind spell immunity might be a bug, a technical error of the game. For example, if the Berserk spell is cast on a creature stacks of a hero equipped with Badge of Courage, the spell's drum symbol appears but when the spell is cast it does not take effect. This seems more a techical error, than designed property.

Badge of Courages +1 to morale effect is a solid enchancement, but with the mind spell immunity the badge becomes almost superior. As can be expected, Badge of Courage is quite useless for Necropolis heroes, as undead are unaffected by morale as well as mind spells.