Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye
Basic Eagle Eye.png Basic Eagle Eye: gives your hero a 40% chance to learn any 1st or 2nd level spell used in combat.
Advanced Eagle Eye.png Advanced Eagle Eye: gives your hero a 50% chance to learn any spell up to 3rd level used in combat.
Expert Eagle Eye.png Expert Eagle Eye: gives your hero a 60% chance to learn any spell up to 4th level used in combat.

Eagle Eye gives heroes a chance to learn spells cast by enemy spellcasters in battles. The chances for each level of Eagle Eye can be seen on the table below.

Level Chance to learn Maximum level
Basic 40% Second
Advanced 50% Third
Expert 60% Fourth

Heroes with Eagle Eye as a starting skill:

Heroes who specialize in Eagle Eye:

Artifacts affecting Eagle Eye:


Recommended only for those desperate heroes having absolutely no access to level four mage guilds, stuck in a purely defensive position and being constantly invaded by enemy heroes. And even then it's questionable, as most other skills still usually grant a more significant advantage.