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Basic Learning.png Basic Learning: increases a hero's earned experience by 5%.
Advanced Learning.png Advanced Learning: increases a hero's earned experience by 10%.
Expert Learning.png Expert Learning: increases a hero's earned experience by 15%.

Learning is a secondary skill, which increases the amount of experience a hero gains from different events. The bonus may be 5%, 10% or 15% depending on the level of the skill. For example, if a hero without Learning secondary skill receives 1000 experience points from a treasure chest, a hero with basic Learning would gain 1050 points, advanced Learning 1100 points and expert Learning 1150 points.

Heroes with Learning as a starting skill:


Learning is an excellent idea, but the execution fails completely. If a hero were to have expert level of Learning from the beginning of the game, when the hero reaches 230,000 experience points, a hero without the skill would have achieved 200,000 points. This would mean that the first hero is on level 26 and the second on level 25, which is only a one-level difference. There is just no justification for choosing Learning.