Bow of the Sharpshooter

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Bow of the Sharpshooter
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Bow of the Sharpshooter
Artifact Bow of the Sharpshooter.gif Class: relic
Slot: misc
Cost: N/A Gold
Effect: Ranged shooters may fire projectiles while adjacent to an enemy creature. No archery penalty for range or obstacle.
Requires to combine:
Bow of Elven CherrywoodBow of Elven Cherrywood
Bowstring of the Unicorn's ManeBowstring of the Unicorn's Mane
Angel Feather ArrowsAngel Feather Arrows
Bow of the Sharpshooter is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot. It is also a combination artifact, which are only available if Shadow of Death expansion is installed. In addition to the bonuses from regular artifacts, the bow removes range and obstacle penalties for the hero's ranged units and allows them to shoot even when next to an enemy. This ability is basically the only difference to Golden Bow.