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Deyja is a barren wasteland in the heart of AvLee and bordering Erathia, created by Finneas Vilmar, after the Necromancers were expelled from Erathia. It is represented by the Necropolis.

It was later ruled by Lich King Gryphonheart, in the capital city of Stonecastle, where the Lich King had his throne. Later it was ruled by King Archibald Ironfist, known as The Lord of The Pit from the unnamed city (which later became the capital) where he had his throne inside Castle Gloaming in The Pit.

It is unknown where King Finneas Vilmar had his throne, but most likely it was one of the towns that appeared in the last few scenarios of Unholy Alliance campaign, which was randomly named or unknown - it wasn't specially a customized name for some reason. Deyja probably had more capitals (at least two to three).