Disrupting Ray

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School of Air Magic
Symbol for the School of Air Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 View Air
Level 2
 Disrupting Ray
 Lightning Bolt
 Protection from Air
Level 3
 Air Shield
 Destroy Undead
Level 4
 Chain Lightning
Level 5
 Dimension Door
 Magic Mirror
 Summon Air Elemental
Titan's Lightning Bolt
School of Earth Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic
Disrupting Ray is a 2nd level spell in the School of Air Magic.
Disrupting Ray
Disrupting Ray.png
School:  School of Air Magic
Level:  2nd
Basic cost:  10
Duration:  until end of combat
 Basic effect
Reduces target, enemy troop's defense rating by 3.
 Advanced effect
Reduces target, enemy troop's defense rating by 4.
 Expert effect
Reduces target, enemy troop's defense rating by 5.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   35
Rampart Rampart   25
Tower Tower   46 (35*)
Inferno Inferno   47
Necropolis Necropolis   24
Dungeon Dungeon   35
Stronghold Stronghold   35
Fortress Fortress   35
Conflux Conflux   37
* Without Library
It reduces target, enemy creature stack's defense. Disrupting ray may be cast on same stack repeatedly, making it the only cumulative spell in Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Heroes starting with Disrupting Ray:

Heroes with a Disrupting Ray specialty:

User comments & debate[edit]

The advantage of this spell is that effects are cumulative over the duration of the first casting, for as many times as you can cast it. The most typical use is on a Blinded stack, dropping defense down to zero before all friendly troops attack, making for an easy and quick kill of an otherwise tough opponent.

It is also impossible to dispel/cure. The effects stay until combat ends. This includes killing and resurrecting the stack, a method which is capable of getting rid of any other conditions.