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Drakon the Beastmaster
Basic information:
Drakon Class: Beastmaster
Gender: male
Race: gnoll
Drakon was the greatest warrior in his village, and later the region, before choosing to serve King Tralossk. His charismatic demeanor (at least with other Gnolls) has troops volunteering to join his armies in droves.
Specialty: Gnolls
Specialty Gnolls Increases the attack and defense skills of any gnolls or gnoll marauders for each level attained after 1st level.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Armorer  Basic Armorer
Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership
Starting troops:
Gnoll Gnoll 10–20 Always
Gnoll Gnoll 10–20 3/4
Gnoll Gnoll 10–20 1/4
Drakon the Beastmaster is a hero from Fortress.