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Erdamon the Planeswalker
Basic infromation:
Erdamon Class: Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Race: Magma Elemental
Specialty: Earth Elementals
Specialty Earth Elementals All Earth/Magma Elementals under Erdamon's command gain +2 Attack, +1 Defense and +5 Damage.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Estates  Basic Estates
Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics
Starting troops:
Pixie Pixie 15–25 Always
Air Elemental Air Elemental 3-5 3/4
Water Elemental Water Elemental 2-3 1/4
Erdamon the Planeswalker is a hero from Conflux town.


An ancient lord of magma, Erdamon has slept for centuries within the mountains bordering Eeofol. Pulled from his slumber to aid the Conflux, Erdamon welcomes the battle to rid the world of the Kreegans.