The Grail

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An object that is hidden on the adventure map. When a hero finds an Obelisk it reveals a piece of a puzzle map. When the map is complete, sometimes before, there will be an X marking the spot where a hero should dig; you don't need to see the X to dig it up, however (the grail usually tends to be somewhere in the middle of the puzzle map). To dig, a hero cannot have moved during his/her turn. Beware! The AI at high levels will often be able to find the Grail's general location and start digging even if only ~1/3rd of the puzzle map is completed!

When the Grail is taken to a town, a structure specific to that town will be built, and the town cannot build another building that day, though the grail building can be built even if you've already built a normal building in that town that day. The primary bonuses that all towns get are an extra 5000 gold and 50% additional creature growth.


  • If the hero carrying the Grail Retreats or Surrenders the Grail is lost forever.
  • If the map has no obelisks, it is completly impossible to find the grail (even if every single block on the map is dug on). Also, using "nwcoracle", a cheat that reveals the puzzle map, will have no effect and the puzzle will not show anything.