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School of Air Magic
Symbol for the School of Air Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 View Air
Level 2
 Disrupting Ray
 Lightning Bolt
 Protection from Air
Level 3
 Air Shield
 Destroy Undead
Level 4
 Chain Lightning
Level 5
 Dimension Door
 Magic Mirror
 Summon Air Elemental
Titan's Lightning Bolt
School of Earth Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic
Haste is a 1st level spell in the School of Air Magic.
School:  School of Air Magic
Level:  1st
Basic cost:  6
Duration:  1 rnd/sp
 Basic effect
Target, allied troop's speed is increased by three hexes/turn.
 Advanced effect
Target, allied troop's speed is increased by five hexes/turn.
 Expert effect
All allied troops' speed is increased by five hexes/turn.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   32
Rampart Rampart   54
Tower Tower   39 (31*)
Inferno Inferno   31
Necropolis Necropolis   32
Dungeon Dungeon   52
Stronghold Stronghold   31
Fortress Fortress   53
Conflux Conflux   53
* Without Library
It increases speed of target allied creature stack, or in expert level, all allied creature stacks. Additionally, haste is a counter to the spell slow.

Heroes that start with Haste:

Heroes with a specialty in Haste:


If you have the fastest unit on the battlefield, giving you the initiative, this is an excellent spell to start with, giving you lots of moves before the enemy can move, especially on Expert level.