Horde building

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Name Town Creature Growth
Birthing Pool Inferno Imp Imp and Familiar 8
Cages Inferno Hell Hound Hell Hound and Cerberus 3
Captain's Quarters Fortress Gnoll Gnoll and Gnoll Marauder 6
Dendroid Saplings Rampart Dendroid Guard Dendroid Guard and Dendroid Soldier 2
Garden of Life Conflux Pixie Pixie and Sprite 10
Griffin Bastion Castle Griffin Griffin and Royal Griffin 3
Mess Hall Stronghold Goblin Goblin and Hobgoblin 8
Miners' Guild Rampart Dwarf Dwarf and Battle Dwarf 4
Mushroom Rings Dungeon Troglodyte Troglodyte and Infernal Troglodyte 7
Sculptor's Wings Tower Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle and Obsidian Gargoyle 4
Unearthed Graves Necropolis Skeleton Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors 6
Horde building is a special building which increases weekly growth of particular creatures in that town. Additionally, it protects that particular creatures type from plague, which means that the dwelling with horde building will always produce creatures normally. On the right is a table of all horde buildings available in different town types.