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Labetha the Elementalist
Basic infromation:
Labetha Class: Elementalist
Gender: female
Race: human
Specialty: Stone Skin
Specialty Stone Skin When cast, Stone Skin's effect is increased by +3.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Earth Magic  Basic Earth Magic
Starting troops:
Pixie Pixie 15–25 Always
Air Elemental Air Elemental 3-5 3/4
Water Elemental Water Elemental 2-3 1/4
Starting spell:
Stone Skin Stone Skin
Labetha the Elementalist is a hero from Conflux town. By default, Labetha starts with a spell book and knows the Stone Skin spell. She starts with a Spell Book and knows the spell Stone Skin. Labetha's specialty gives in addition to normal Stone Skins defense bonus:
  • +3 to creatures on level 1–2
  • +2 to creatures on level 3–4
  • +1 to creatures on level 5–6, and
  • no additional bonus for creatures on level 7.


Born poor, Labetha's parents were slaughtered peasantry during the Restoration Wars. Taken by dendroids and brought into their service in AvLee, her power over the earth developed quickly. When she felt the Conflux calling, she answered quickly.