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This article refers to the special ability of creatures. For the secondary skill, see Resistance.

Magic resistance is a special ability of certain creatures, which grants them a chance to resist hostile spell effects. Magic resistance does not mean that the creature is immune to spells, and unlike with spell immunity, they can be target of any spell.

Magic resistance of creatures can be increased with Garniture of Interference Garniture of Interference, Surcoat of Counterpoise Surcoat of Counterpoise or Boots of Polarity Boots of Polarity artifacts. Contrary to artifacts like Bow of Elven Cherrywood, the hero wearing artifacts that increase magic resistance, need not have Resistance secondary skill in order of them to work. Although, with Resistance skill a hero further enhance the magic resistance of his troops.

Unicorns and War Unicorns do not technically have magic resistance themselves, but they project an aura of magic resistance to adjacent hexes. This aura 20% resistance works as a separate check, not cumulative with other resistances. For example, Battle Dwarf under the Unicorn Aura in the army of hero with advanced Resistance and Garniture of Interference equipped will have 55% (40%+10%+5%) chance to resist spell, and if check fails, there is still 20% aura check.

Creatures with magic resistance special ability:

Creatures with magic resistance aura:

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss magic resistance was reworked so it's reducing the enemy's spell power (rounded down) instead of providing a chance to resist a spell completely. Creatures' resistance ability and unicorn's aura are working without any changes.

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