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Morale  % chance Effect
-3 25.0% Freeze
-2 16.7% Freeze
-1 8.3% Freeze
0 0%
+1 4.2% Extra move
+2 8.3% Extra move
+3 12.5% Extra move

Morale represents the creature's and army's willingness to fight. Each hero has an army consisting of troops, and the army has a morale rating which acts as a bonus to the individual morale of its troops. Troops in an army with positive morale have a chance for a second action during their action phase. Troops with negative morale have a chance of freezing each round. The morale rating for an army is normally zero.

Various creatures, spells, secondary skills, town buildings, adventure sites, and artifacts can temporarily (or even permanently) affect morale.

Undead creatures and elementals have a morale of zero, independent of their army’s morale rating.

Morale gives you a chance for an extra turn with an unit in battle.

The chance of getting a morale is equal to 1/24 * morale value. Note that this can be a negative as well, in which case the unit has bad morale, which causes your units to freeze and skip the turn. A hero's units have double the chance of freezing with bad morale than having a second attack with the same level of good morale. Not correctly documented in the manual. Also, morale modifiers are capped at +3 and -3.

Base morale is what you get from having an army composed of units from certain towns. You get lower base morale the more towns you have units from in your army (Neutral counts as a town)- You start off at +1, and get -1 for each new alignment you add.(So if you have creatures from 3 town types, you have -1 as base morale). Bonuses for having Archangels and/or Undead are not counted here.

Gives good morale

  • The Leadership skill.
  • Numerous Artifacts (Crest of Valor, Glyph of Gallantry, Badge of Courage, Pendant of Courage, Still Eye of the Dragon).
  • Mirth
  • Archangels in your army.
  • Numerous Adventure Map objects (Fountain of Youth, Temple, Oasis, Watering Hole, Buoy, Events)
  • Good troops fighting on Holy Ground and Evil troops fighting in Evil Fog.
  • Defending in Siege battles (Tavern bestows your troops +1 Morale. Brotherhood of the Sword gives +2).

Gives bad morale


Creatures with morale effect[edit]

Name  Town Lvl Att Def Dmin Dmax HP Spd Cost  Special
Angel Angel Castle 7 20 20 50 50 200 12 3000 Gold +1 Gem  Flying, Hates Devils, +1 Morale to all hero's creatures
Archangel Archangel Castle 7 30 30 50 50 250 18 5000 Gold +3 Gem  Flying, Hates Devils, Resurrection, +1 Morale to all hero's creatures
Minotaur Minotaur Dungeon 5 14 12 12 20 50 6 500 Gold  minimum Morale is +1, but 0 on Cursed Ground
Minotaur King Minotaur King Dungeon 5 15 15 12 20 50 8 575 Gold  minimum Morale is +1, but 0 on Cursed Ground
Bone Dragon Bone Dragon Necropolis 7 17 15 25 50 180 9 1800 Gold  Undead, Flying, Dragon, -1 Morale to all enemy creatures
Ghost Dragon Ghost Dragon Necropolis 7 19 17 25 50 300 14 3000 Gold +1 Mercury  Undead, Flying, Dragon, -1 Morale to all enemy creatures, Aging