Naga Bank

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Naga Bank
Naga Bank.gif
% Guards Content
 30 % 
4000 Gold
8 Sulfur
 30 % 
6000 Gold
12 Sulfur
 30 % 
8000 Gold
16 Sulfur
 10 % 
12000 Gold
24 Sulfur

Naga Bank is an Adventure Map location, and commonly known as one of the creature banks. It is guarded by 10–30 nagas. The more guards there are, the better the reward. The treasure contains 4000–12000 Gold and 8–24 Sulfur.

As with all the creature banks, the hero's troops are located in the middle of the battlefield surrounded by enemies, and War Machines are not available. The guards are divided into five stacks; one in every corner and one in the middle of the right edge. The stack in the left lower corner may consist of Naga Queens. Slain enemies do not respawn (should the hero retreat or be defeated).

Naga Bank gives sulfur, which may be considered as illogical as there are three other creature banks that are coherent with the magical resource they hold and the town they represent. These three are:

The Heroes 3 HD mod addresses this by changing the Naga Bank reward from sulfur to gems. This behavior can be toggled off by unchecking the HD+ checkbox.