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Necropolis town on Adventure Map
Necropolis town with Fort, as seen on the Adventure Map. Yellow color on the flags are replaced with the color of corresponding player.
Castle Castle
Rampart Rampart
Tower Tower
Inferno Inferno
Necropolis Necropolis
Dungeon Dungeon
Stronghold Stronghold
Fortress Fortress
Conflux Conflux

Necropolis is an evil alignment town type, that is overrun and ruled by undead creatures. They are the natural bases for the Necromancer and Death Knight hero types. Necropolis armies have many units with abilities to weaken their opponents. This may give them an advantage over an equal or even a stronger opponent.

Native terrain for Necropolis's troops is dirt.


[edit] Overview

[edit] Structures

Troop cost/week: 26920 Gold 2 Mercury
Incomplete Necropolis town seen from inside

Common Buildings

Necropolis Specific Buildings

Creature Dwellings

[edit] Heroes

Death Knights
 Lord Haart
Other towns
Castle#Heroes Rampart#Heroes Tower#Heroes
Inferno#Heroes Necropolis#Heroes Dungeon#Heroes
Stronghold#Heroes Fortress#Heroes Conflux#Heroes
Name  Class  Specialty  Skill 1  Skill 2
Charna Charna Death Knight Specialty Wights small.gif WightsBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Tactics Basic Tactics 
Clavius Clavius Death Knight Specialty Gold small.gif GoldBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Offense Basic Offense 
Galthran Galthran Death Knight Specialty Skeletons small.gif SkeletonsBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Armorer Basic Armorer 
Isra Isra Death Knight Specialty Necromancy small.gif NecromancyAdvanced Necromancy Advanced Necromancy  
Moandor Moandor Death Knight Specialty Liches small.gif LichesBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Learning Basic Learning 
Straker Straker Death Knight Specialty Walking Dead small.gif Walking DeadBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Resistance Basic Resistance 
Tamika Tamika Death Knight Specialty Black Knights small.gif Black KnightsBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Offense Basic Offense 
Vokial Vokial Death Knight Specialty Vampires small.gif VampiresBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Artillery Basic Artillery 
Lord Haart Lord Haart Death Knight Specialty Black Knights small.gif Black KnightsBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Estates Basic Estates 
Aislinn Aislinn Necromancer Specialty Meteor Shower small.gif Meteor ShowerBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Wisdom Basic Wisdom 
Nagash Nagash Necromancer Specialty Gold small.gif GoldBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Intelligence Basic Intelligence 
Nimbus Nimbus Necromancer Specialty Eagle Eye small.gif Eagle EyeBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Eagle Eye Basic Eagle Eye 
Sandro Sandro Necromancer Specialty Sorcery small.gif SorceryBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Sorcery Basic Sorcery 
Septienna Septienna Necromancer Specialty Death Ripple small.gif Death RippleBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Scholar Basic Scholar 
Thant Thant Necromancer Specialty Animate Dead small.gif Animate DeadBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy  Basic Mysticism Basic Mysticism 
Vidomina Vidomina Necromancer Specialty Necromancy small.gif NecromancyAdvanced Necromancy Advanced Necromancy  
Xsi Xsi Necromancer Specialty Stone Skin small.gif Stone SkinBasic Necromancy Basic Necromancy Basic Learning Basic Learning 

List of all heroes

[edit] Creatures

Necropolis creatures
Level 1
Skeleton Skeleton
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warrior
Level 2
Walking Dead Walking Dead
Zombie Zombie
Level 3
Wight Wight
Wraith Wraith
Level 4
Vampire Vampire
Vampire Lord Vampire Lord
Level 5
Lich Lich
Power Lich Power Lich
Level 6
Black Knight Black Knight
Dread Knight Dread Knight
Level 7
Bone Dragon Bone Dragon
Ghost Dragon Ghost Dragon
Other towns
Castle creatures Rampart creatures Tower creatures
Inferno creatures Necropolis creatures Dungeon creatures
Stronghold creatures Fortress creatures Conflux#Creatures

All Necropolis' creatres are undead, which means that they are unaffected by morale. They are also immune to all mind spells as well as Curse, Bless, Resurrection and Death Ripple.

Name  Town Lvl Att Def Dmin Dmax HP Spd Cost  Special
Skeleton Skeleton Necropolis1 5 4 1 3 6 4 60 Gold  Undead
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warrior Necropolis1 6 6 1 3 6 5 70 Gold  Undead
Walking Dead Walking Dead Necropolis2 5 5 2 3 15 3 100 Gold  Undead
Zombie Zombie Necropolis2 5 5 2 3 20 4 125 Gold  Undead, Disease
Wight Wight Necropolis3 7 7 3 5 18 5 200 Gold  Undead, Regeneration
Wraith Wraith Necropolis3 7 7 3 5 18 7 230 Gold  Undead, Regeneration, Mana drain
Vampire Vampire Necropolis410 9 5 8 30 6 360 Gold  Undead, No retaliation
Vampire Lord Vampire Lord Necropolis41010 5 8 40 9 500 Gold  Undead, No retaliation, Life drain
Lich Lich Necropolis513101113 30 6 550 Gold  Undead, Death cloud
Power Lich Power Lich Necropolis513101115 40 7 600 Gold  Undead, Death cloud
Black Knight Black Knight Necropolis616161530 120 7 1200 Gold  Undead, Curse
Dread Knight Dread Knight Necropolis618181530 120 9 1500 Gold  Undead, Curse, Death blow
Bone Dragon Bone Dragon Necropolis717152550 180 9 1800 Gold  Undead, Morale -1
Ghost Dragon Ghost Dragon Necropolis719172550 30014 3000 Gold +1 Mercury Undead, Morale -1, Aging

[edit] Discussion

[edit] Introduction

Necropolis is one of the most powerful towns in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It has very strong 4th, 5th and 6th level creatures. Vampire Lords and Dread Knights are among the strongest in their respective levels, and while having Power Liches in an army consisting of living creatures may have problematic because of the death cloud attack, in the army of undead it is an advantage. As if this was not enough, Necropolis' heroes have Necromancy secondary skill, which enables them to harvest Skeletons (or Skeleton Warriors) from enemy armies as well as allied creatures. It is possible for a hero with Necromancy to pull through from a battle with more troops than he went into it.

Necropolis has also excellent magic capabilities. It can build level 5th Mage Guild and has few special spells like Animate Dead and Death Ripple to support the armies. Also, undead hordes are immune to mind spells, which greatest advantage is that they cannot be blinded or "berserked". In addition, undead do not suffer from negative morale (nor do they benefit from positive).

Perhaps the only true weakness in Necropolis' creatures is Bone and Ghost Dragons, which are among the weakest 7th level creature.

[edit] Strategy

An advantageous tactics with Necropolis is "harvesting" skeletons with the Necromancy secondary skill. At expert level Necromancy allows 30% of the creatures killed in combat to be brought back from the dead as skeletons. The precentage can be increased with two structures: Necromancy Amplifier(s) and Soul Prison. Amplifiers can typicallly be constructed in necropolis towns, while Soul Prison is the grail building of Necropolis. Each amplifier increases the precentage by +10%.

There are also artifacts that can increase the skill: Amulet of the Undertaker increases the precentage by +5%, Vampire's Cowl by +10% and Dead Man's Boots by +15%. With these increase, Necromancy secondary skill may rise up to 70%. Additionally, two heroes specialize in Necromancy, Isra and Vidomina. Combining either of them with the amplifier and artifacts, it is possible to reach 100% skill level in necromancy, which means that possibly all the creatures killed in combat will be brought back as skeletons.

Harvesting leads to a situation, where it is profitable for heroes with Necromancy (mainly Death Knights and Necromancers) to carry through combats with wandering creatures instead of letting them flee if they are substantially less creatures and want to quit the battlefield. So, special months (see growth) where some creature types population doubles is actually a boon for Necropolis skeleton harvesters. Random units blocking pathways on the map thus become a motivational boost because those wandering creatures mean additional Skeletons.

[edit] Pros

  • A variety of good heroes to choose from
  • A variety of strategies available
  • Unaffected by negative Morale
  • Unaffected by Mind spells
  • Necromancy is a powerful secondary skill that only Necropolis heroes can utilize effectively
  • Vampire Lords are by far the most cost-efficient level 4 unit (and arguably the most cost-efficient unit in the game), as they can beat armies of much greater size as long as they are not (like Undeads or Constructs) immune to the Vampire Lords' Life drain ability and as long as the Vampire Lords are used properly.
  • The level 3 spell Animate Dead (which the necromancer hero Thant has built in) can resurrect units in combat, and they stay resurrected after combat (the 4th level Earth Spell Resurrection can resurrect units, but so treated units are removed after combat quite like Summon Air Elemental created creature stacks).
    So given a good balance of Thants undead and repairable units compared to the opponent, enough mana for the resurrects and having Shackles of War for unlimited turns (a smaller version would be using Blind on all remaining enemy units and killing one blinded stack each turn, keeping the enemy locked until the hero is lost to the opponent and the artefacts if any are transferred) he would not lose any units in combat but also often get additional Necromancy created skeletons (which would hamper movement on the adventure map a little, as Skeletons are slow creatures (and even with Town Portal and Dimension Door there's an adventure map movement penalty to consider).
  • There are number of artifacts that are only useful to Necropolis (artifacts enhancing the created creature number of the unique secondary skill Necromancy like Cloak of the Undead King, but also Pendant of Death which counters the mini, undead-only version of Armageddon, damaging all undead on the battlefield, even those recruited in no Necropolis but on the adventure map).
  • Both Necropolis hero types begin with a spell book

[edit] Cons

  • Walking Dead and Zombies slow armies down
  • Only one ranged attacker Lich/Power Lich
  • Unaffected by positive Morale (creatures of other towns might still have less morale when doing combat with creatures of other towns, and the Skeleton Transformer mostly creates skeletons and not Necropolis type creatures of the same level (except for perhaps transmuting hydras and dragons to bone dragons)) - Spirit of Oppression is a nice thing to have for any Necropolis hero with no non Necropolis units.
  • Difficulties in the early game, where your slow level 1 and level 2 creatures are not the best to conquer mines and explore the map (and in the endgame a host of in-combat ressurectable skeletons might hamper adventure map transfers (to reflag buildings for instance))
  • Bone and Ghost Dragons are near the bottom of the Level 7's in strength and usefulness

WARNING! This town is often considered too strong and thus is banned in many multiplayer games/tournaments.

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