Orb of Vulnerability

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Orb of Vulnerability
Orb of Vulnerability Class: relic
Slot: miscellaneous
Cost: 25000 Gold
Effect: During combat, this orb negates the natural magic resistance of all creatures on the battlefield.
Orb of Vulnerability is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in miscellaneous slot. While equipped, the orb negates natural Magic Resistance of all creaures.

Relic class artifacts can not be purchased from Artifact Merchants.


Orb of Vulnerability can be a huge against enemy creatures with strong magical resistance, but it can also be used to strip allied troops immunities. For example, with the Orb Black Dragons can be resurrected. Additionally, using Armageddon's Blade and Orb of Vulnerability at the same time makes all enemy troops vulnerable to the Armageddon spell, but still leaves allied troops immune to it. That makes a perfect combination for the Dragogeddon tactic.