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Oris the Battle Mage
Basic information:
Oris Class: Battle Mage
Gender: female
Race: human
Oris did not show much promise as a mage early in her career, but her uncanny ability to learn nearly any spell she sees cast has made up for any apparent lack of magical skills.
Specialty: Eagle Eye
Specialty Eagle Eye Receives a 5% per level bonus to eagle eye skill percentage.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Eagle eye  Basic Eagle eye
Starting troops:
Goblin Goblin 15–25 Always
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 5–7 3/4
Orc Orc 4–6 1/4
Starting spell:
Protection from Air Protection from Air
Oris the Battle Mage is a hero from Stronghold. Oris starts with a spell book and the spell Protection from Air.


Because Eagle Eye is one of the worst secondary skills in Heroes of Might and Magic III, and the fact Oris specializes in it, makes her one of the most useless heroes in the game. Perhaps the only propietary is, that one can acquire her troops when she is hired from the tavern, and she will make an excellent "sapper" for Witch Huts. Additionally, the Festival of Life campaign is much more painful, as she is one of the default lieutenants assigned by the campaign, and she cannot lose in battle due to failure conditions.