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Neutral creatures
Level 1
Peasant Peasant
Halfling Halfling
Level 2
Rogue Rogue
Boar Boar
Leprechaun Leprechaun Horn of the Abyss
Level 3
Nomad Nomad
Mummy Mummy
Level 4
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Satyr Satyr Horn of the Abyss
Level 5
Troll Troll
Gold Golem Gold Golem
Fangarm Fangarm Horn of the Abyss
Level 6
Diamond Golem Diamond Golem
Enchanter Enchanter
Level 7
Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon
Rust Dragon Rust Dragon
Crystal Dragon Crystal Dragon
Azure Dragon Azure Dragon
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Neutral
Creature Peasant.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 1
Defense 1
Damage 1
Health 1
Speed 3
Movement Ground
Size 1
Growth 25
AI Value 15
Hovel  Peasant (adventure map).gif

Peasant is a level 1 neutral creature recruited from the Hovel found only in the Adventure Map.

"To know a peasant is to dread knowing a peasant. It seems the only hero eager to fight a peasant or have a peasant in their army ranks is the Necromancer." AB manual

They are recruited for free from the Hovel, but from Portal of Summoning or Refugee Camp their cost is 10 Gold.

Peasants have the lowest AI Value in the game at 15.

Peasants were added in Armageddon's Blade so there are no Peasants or Hovels in Restoration of Erathia.

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