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Serena the Wizard
Basic infromation:
Serena Class: Wizard
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Serena nearly killed herself the first time she cast a spell. She channeled so much magical energy into the spell that a Wizard in a neighboring town felt it. He quickly sought her out, bringing her to the Wizards' Guild so that she could learn to control her powers.
Specialty: Eagle Eye
Specialty Eagle Eye Receives a 5% per level bonus to eagle eye skill percentage.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Eagle eye  Basic Eagle eye
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Starting troops:
Gremlin Gremlin 30–40 Always
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle 3–5 3/4
Iron Golem Iron Golem 2–3 1/4
Starting spell:
Dispel Dispel
Serena the Wizard is a hero from Tower town. By default, Serena starts with a spell book and knows the Dispel spell.