Statue of Legion

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Statue of Legion
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Statue of Legion
Artifact Statue of Legion.gif Class: relic
Slot: misc
Cost: N/A Gold
Effect: All creature production increases by 50%, in all towns based off of the castle creature generation level, does not include flagged structures or other like bonuses.
Requires to combine:
Head of LegionHead of Legion
Arms of LegionArms of Legion
Torso of LegionTorso of Legion
Loins of LegionLoins of Legion
Legs of LegionLegs of Legion
Statue of Legion is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot. It is also a combination artifact, which are only available if Shadow of Death expansion is installed. While equipped, the statue increases the creature growth in all of the player's towns by 50% based on their level of castle. Unlike its parts, the hero does not have to be in town in order of the statue to work. However, if the hero is in a town the artifact gives bonuses of its parts normally.

Requires the following artifacts to create: