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Straker the Death Knight
Basic information:
Straker Class: Death Knight
Gender: Male
Race: Zombie
Straker chose the dark path of Necromancy, but it was soon discovered that his fighting skills by far outclassed his magical abilities. He serves now in the undead armies of Deyja, hoping to one day join the ranks of true Necromancers.
Specialty: Walking Dead
Specialty Walking Dead Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Walking Dead or Zombies for each level attained after 2nd level.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Necromancy  Basic Necromancy
Basic Resistance  Basic Resistance
Starting troops:
Walking Dead Walking Dead 4–6 Always
Walking Dead Walking Dead 4–6 3/4
Walking Dead Walking Dead 4–6 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
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Walking Dead Walking Dead {{{hota_nmb_2}}} {{{hota_chance_2}}}
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Starting spell:
Haste Haste
Straker the Death Knight is a hero from Necropolis. Straker starts with a spell book and the spell Haste.

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