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Necropolis and Necromancy are often considered to be overpowered, and therefore frequently banned in multiplayer games (and tournaments).

HC Thread[edit]

The thread on HeroesCommunity that is cited in this article is indeed an authoritative source on Necromancy, but the original post was later refined and corrected by other posters in that thread. I therefore rewrote most of this page in an attempt to make it shorter, more accurate, and better organized. -Entelechy

Edit 30/6: Previous edits about which creatures could be raised as skeletons contained some mistakes, as I verified through testing. They are now corrected. -Entelechy

Creature Gathering[edit]

Hey ! What does "Creature Gathering" mean please ? You can delete my comment when you have answered and I will delete your answer when I have read it if you want. -EvilCherry

Hello! No need to delete any comments. I believe it is one of the unwritten principles of wikipedias that comments and questions are not deleted unless someway offensive or otherwise inappropriate. But short answer to your question is nothing, because that term is ivented by one of this wiki's users who is quite creative with his writings. The purpose is to have descriptions from the manual in those text boxes. But I believe "Creature Gathering" refers to "harvesting" which is more widely used unofficial term. –Kapteeni Ruoska (talk) 07:45, 24 April 2015 (CEST)