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Artifacts: Boots
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Dragonbone Greaves Dragonbone Greaves Feet Treasure 2000 Gold   Knowledge +1
Power skill +1
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Boots of Speed Boots of Speed Feet Minor 6000 Gold   Hero Movement points +600
 Dead Man's Boots Dead Man's Boots Feet Major 6000 Gold   Necromancy +15% Part of Cloak of the Undead King
 Boots of Polarity Boots of Polarity Feet Relic 6000 Gold   Magic Resistance +15%
 Sandals of the Saint Sandals of the Saint Feet Relic 8000 Gold   All Primary skills +2 Part of Angelic Alliance
 Boots of Levitation Boots of Levitation Feet Relic 10000 Gold   Spell Water Walk permanent

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