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School of Air Magic
Symbol for the School of Air Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 View Air
Level 2
 Disrupting Ray
 Lightning Bolt
 Protection from Air
Level 3
 Air Shield
 Destroy Undead
Level 4
 Chain Lightning
Level 5
 Dimension Door
 Magic Mirror
 Summon Air Elemental
Titan's Lightning Bolt
School of Earth Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic
Visions is a 2nd level spell, and along with the Magic Arrow the only only spells that belong to all schools of magic.
School:  all schools
Level:  2nd
Basic cost:  4
Duration:  1 day
 Basic effect
Displays number of monsters in a wandering monster troop and whether or not the troop will offer to join the casting hero's army. Range is equal to power or three, whichever is greater.
 Advanced effect
Same as basic effect, except an enemy hero's primary skill stats, and the composition and quantity of the hero's army can be viewed. Range is (power x 2) or three, whichever is greater.
 Expert effect
Same as advanced effect, except an enemy town's statistics and garrison composition and quantity may be viewed. Range is (power x 3) or three, whichever is greater.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   13
Rampart Rampart   13
Tower Tower   18 (13*)
Inferno Inferno   18
Necropolis Necropolis   13
Dungeon Dungeon   13
Stronghold Stronghold   13
Fortress Fortress   13
Conflux Conflux   11
* Without Library
Visions is one of the adventure spells.


Visions is one of the most useful spells in the game. Especially in the early stages of the map it is useful to determine whether or not a a stack of wandering creatures will join or flee. This can be a significant advantage later in the game, if the map is explored more rapidly than the other kingdoms. Together with Diplomacy skill, which allows wandering creatures more easily to join the hero's army, Visions can form a powerful combination allowing hero to gather an army of wandering creatures. Later in the game Visions can reveal the exact values of enemy hero's primary skills and the number of troops in the army. It should be noted, that not even the Disguise can nullify the effect of Visions.