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Adventure Map represents the part of Erathia, where the game takes place. Typically at the beginning of a scenario or a custom map, players can see only see areas within the view of their town's and/or heroes line of sight; the rest is shrouded. Heroes can be sent to explore the map, and reveal new areas as they travel. Heroes will discover treasures, wandering creatures, valuable resources, and significant locations, like mines, which will provide steady streams of resources; or creature dwellings where a hero may recruit troops for his army.

The Adventure Map consists of two layers: the surface and the subterranean level. Heroes can travel from one layer to another either through Subterranean Gate or Monoliths. The subterranean territory is displayed on its own map.

At the beginning of each day, mines and cities under player's control add to resources. Resources represent gold and raw materials a player may spend to improve towns, recruit troops, and perform other actions. Town buildings producing creatures do so on the first day of the week. The current date appears at the lower right corner of the Adventure Map screen.

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