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Mines are adventure map locations, that can be flagged after which they will start to produce a particular resource for the player who owns the mine. There are eight different types of of mines: one for each resource type and abandoned mine. At the beginning of each day, mines produce resources as follows:

  •   Sawmill produces +2 woodWood
  •   Ore Pit produces +2 oreOre
  •   Crystal Cavern produces +1 crystalCrystal
  •   Gem Pond produces +1 gemGem
  •   Alchemist's Lab produces +1 mercuryMercury
  •   Sulfur Dune produces +1 sulfurSulfur
  •   Gold Mine produces +1000 goldGold

Abandoned Mine works as any other mine, but is guarded by a throng (100–249) of Troglodytes. Its production is randomly chosen and it cannot produce wood. The production is determined at the beginning of the map. Additionally, the creator of the map can choose which resource types take part of the draw. If only one choice is selected, then the Abandoned Mine will always produce the chosen resource.

In Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss, it is possible to customize the minimum amount, maximum amount, and type of creatures guarding an abandoned mine. The default values remain 100 to 200 Troglodytes.

Mines can have creatures stationed in them in a similar way to garrisons. This feature was added in Shadow of Death expansion. Regardless of where a crystal, gold or abandoned mine is placed, any combat taking place in it will use subterranean terrain for graphics and when determining native terrain bonuses.

It should be noted that lighthouses are also considered a type of mine, so when the winning condition of the game is to flag all mines, don't forget to also flag all the lighthouses on the adventure map.

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