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Nayestra the Oracle is a gypsy woman who reads Gelu Gelu's future.

The gypsy, a woman calling herself Nayestra the Oracle, reads their futures, one by one, some good, some not so good. Eventually she reaches you. Upon seeing your pale complexion, solid jet black eyes, and flame-red hair, she backs away, startled. Your odd appearance and striking presence both intrigue and frighten her, but she is a professional. She takes your hand, sits you down at her table and begins to read your palm. What she sees is very strange. Your lifeline is uncertain and yet your destiny is clear. Your are to be a widely known figure, one of great import, yet there is a dark road as well. Something in your future gives her pause. She sees great evil in your future, yet cannot be sure if it is an outside force influencing your destiny or something from within. A strange dichotomy to be sure, this Gelu is. Both where you came from and where you were going are blurred, something Nayestra has never seen before.