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Error check list[edit]

(For the mighty one, who wields the magic of table editing):

Cove creature table: Sea Serpent's cost now is 2300 gold instead of 2200;

Castle creature table: Old icons of Pikeman and Halberdier;

Rampart creature table: Old icon of Dendroid Soldier. (Actually I'm not sure if red brows will be discernable enough here but nevertheless);

Stronghold creature table: Old icons of Orc and Orc Chieftain;

Conflux creature table: Old icon of Fire Elemental; Psychic Elemental's cost now is 750 gold instead of 950; Magic Elemental's cost now is 800 gold instead of 1200; Firebird's cost now is 1500 gold instead of 2000; Firebirds have fire immunity instead of 50% Fire Resist; Phoenix's cost now is 2000 gold instead of 3000;

Neutral creature table: Halfling's speed is 4 instead of 5; Rogue's HP is 3 instead of 10; (These two are genereal mistakes, not HotA-related); Old icon of Troll.

Did the stats parts. Icons could be done too. We'll see if I get around to it. --imahero 02:47, 7 May 2018 (CEST)