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Lean To


Mary Had a Little Lamb, an Efreeti and a Spell Book

If you find anything that doesn't match with titlecaseconverter.com feel free to add the word to the default list.


  • 1=link
  • lower=(list of words to be set to lowercase, separated by a comma) (defaults to 'a,an,and,as,but,by,for,from,in,nor,of,or,the,to') (the first and last words of the link are always in title case, regardless of this setting)
  • split=(char(s) to split on) (defaults to the space character)
  • plain=(set to false to use ustring patterns)
  • replace=(char(s) to replace what you split on instead of just using split itself, necessary if using a ustring pattern)
  • nolink=(if set to true, no link will be generated, only the text will be set) (defaults to false)