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Very expensive for no obvious result, as negative luck carries no penalty, and decreasing the chance of enemy luck bonuses by a mere 10% is rather feeble for a 3rd level spell. (It is stated in the game that negative luck will sometimes give half damage, but this is not yet proven, and even with -3 luck I have seen nothing significant happen.)

Confirmed by Cid SilverWing, there is no such thing as "half damage" through Bad Luck in H3. I spammed -3 luck from Events in my test map and not a single unit suffered Bad Luck when attacking (and I played over 5 minutes in one battle).

Bad Luck[edit]

It is possible to add script support for Bad Luck if you are playing the WoG/ERA expansion. Simply add the following to an active WoG script or a timed event at day 500+ in your custom map. Note you should use different v variables if 9000-9014 are already used. (Check the Usage358.txt file in your /Data/s/ directory) You can extract the BADLUCK.WAV sound with a tool such as ResEdit2. For more information, read this topic:

ZVSE *note: only add this once at the very beginning (all WoG scripts already have it)*

!?BG; [pre action trigger]

!!BG:N?v9010 A?v9014; [get current stack # and action type]

!!BMv9010:N?v9005; [get acting monster type, quantity, position, side]

!!BG|v9014=6/v9014=7:E?v9002; [if creature is attacking or shooting get destination stack]

!?MF1; [engaging monster trigger]

!!MF:D?y-2; [get damage done]

!!BMv9010&v9010>-1:G213/?y-60/d; [get attacker luck]

!!BMv9002&v9002>-1:G213/?y-60/d; [get retaliator luck]

!!VRy-60&y-60<-3:S-3; [min luck of -3]

!!VRy-60: *-8; [luck modifier of 8]

!!VRy-61:S0 R99; [random roll]

!!VRy-2&y-60>y-61: :2; [bad luck = half damage]

!!MF&y-60>y-61:Fy-2; [set half damage]

!!VRz1&y-60>y-61:S^BADLUCK.WAV^; [set sound]

!!SN&y-60>y-61:Pz1; [play now]

!!BMv9010&v7010>-1/v9010<>y-1/y-60>y-61:V48; [show bad luck animation - attacker]

!!BMv9002&v7002>-1/v9002<>y-1/y-60>y-61:V48; [show bad luck animation - retaliator]

!!VRz-1&y-60>y-61:S^Bad luck causes the attack to fail and do half damage.^; [set combat message for bad luck]

!!MM&y-60>y-61:Sz-1; [display combat message for bad luck]