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Random bits for fun. User:Turnam/Pre-release screenshots

Campaign icons

Those are the splash screens corresponding to the thumbnails used for the campaigns on the campaign wall.

For Heroes Chronicles, which has no campaign wall, I used the Hc#PrBk images from lbitmap.lod as a reference to find which thumbnail did NWC re-use for each campaign. Problem: this doesn't cover the freebies, and both of the "final chapters" have the same image. So for TWT and TFM, I went with the thumbnail used for the first mission of the respective campaign. It'd probably be better to snap pictures from the videos, but they're so grainy and pixelated...

WIP timeline rework. Not the best layout. Would probably be best to have a few columns in which specific missions can be put, since campaigns can span a long extent (especially visible with Forged in Fire).

Distant past Warlords of the Wasteland -> Conquest of the Underworld
10 000 years after world creation Masters of the Elements
At some point The World Tree -> The Fiery Moon
Who knows when Revolt of the Beastmasters
1160 AS New Beginning + Elixir of Life + Hack and Slash + Birth of a Barbarian
1161 AS Rise of the Necromancer
1162 AS Unholy Alliance + Forged in Fire
1164 AS Specter of Power
1165 AS Foolhardy Waywardness -> Long Live the Queen + Dungeons and Devils + Spoils of War
1166 AS Liberation + Long Live the King -> Song for the Father
1167 AS Seeds of Discontent
1171 AS Armageddon's Blade + Dragon's Blood + Dragon Slayer + Festival of Life + Playing with Fire
1172 AS Under the Jolly Roger -> Terror of the Seas -> Horn of the Abyss
1175 AS Clash of the Dragons
1176 AS The Sword of Frost