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Ironfist of the Ogre

On passing by a small cave you hear deep thumping. You enter the cave and see a juvenile Cyclops cracking nuts with an enormous hammer. Every strike ends in shells and nut pieces being scattered all over the cave. You teach the Cyclops to crack nuts more sparingly by crushing them against each other. Overjoyed with this discovery, the youth gifts you the hammer.

Pendant of Reflection

Soldiers approach you with talks about a miracle. You are intrigued and follow them. You see a strange sight indeed; a wanderer sitting on top of the fire trap, without any harm. You offer him money in exchange for the secret, but he laughs and vanishes in the air. You see a strange pendant left in the middle of the trap.

Diplomat's Cloak

You met an unusual scarecrow today. Instead of scaring the, well, crows, it was intelligently persuading them to leave the field. You agreed to help the scarecrow to find the closest seer in exchange for the secret. The scarecrow gives you its cloak.

Golden Goose

You wander on an abandoned house of a collector in search for a camp place. Most of the goods were long stolen by the marauders, but you were able to find a couple of dusty pet statues. You vaguely recognize one of them. You rub the dust off one of them, and discover a golden goose.

Cape of Silence

As you pass the graveyard, you notice an old man mourning over his wife. As you approach him, the old man falls dead. After burying him, you decide to take his cape.

Ring of Oblivion

You stand on a field, where a large battle was fought not so long ago. You are troubled by the complete absence of corpses. Amongst the broken swords and armors you discover a ring.

Pendant of Downfall

You visit the jeweler's shop. You land your eyes on a bracelet, but the shopkeeper immediately warns you that it is cursed. You fear no curses, and put the bracelet on immediately. The bracelet vanishes in a flash. Enraged, you are about to kill the shopkeeper, but he offers you Pendant of Downfall in return. You agree.

Hideous Mask

You meet a traveling circus on your way. One of the artists had such a deft disguise that you have drawn a sword, ready to defend yourself. It appeared that a pretty actress was hiding behind the mask. Laughing, she gifts you the mask.

Ring of Suppression

You ordered fried eggs for breakfact. The cook managed to find the eggs for you. He also found a ring in the bird's nest that he passed to you.

Shaman's Puppet

The day looked not so great from the beginning. You walked under the ladder, met a woman with an empty bucket and stepped on a black cat. Apparently, it is not your misfortune, but the guy in rugs who has been following you. You order to seize the loser, but he runs away. As he vanishes, you notice a strange doll that he dropped.

Demon's Horseshoe

During your overnight stay you hear hooves clatter nearby. You look around in darkness and notice a demon's figure, ready to stab you with its horns. You barely survive the attack and keep his horseshoe as a trophy.

Runes of Imminency

Close by, on a mountain edge you see a mage trying to cast a spell. Fiery symbols are already flashing in the sky, when he, while blinded by the light, trips and falls down. The mage perishes, and you gather the chain of mysterious stones in your backpack.

Wayfarer's Boots

You meet a wanderer in rugs on a shallow path. He offers you to exchange your cape for his old boots. You agree without much of enthusiasm. As he disappears over the horizon you realize the advantage of the transaction.

Crown of the Five Seas

You hardly set a camp, leaving the saddle for the first time for the day, as some critter sneaked up on you and pulled one of your boots in his hole. Swearng silently, you search the hole with your hand. Instead of a boot, you touch something sharp. Amazed, you pull out a crown.

Trident of Dominion

You finally found a well after a long search. Your soldiers could not get the bucket of water out, however. Something was preventing it from coming out. Your banner carrier had to descend in the well himself. It appeared that a trident was blocking the way.

Horn of the Abyss

This waterfall sounds and looks exactly like a waterfall should. On closer inspection, though, you are amazed to find out the flow is headed upwards. You wonder what it took for such an impressive phenomenon to come into being. Surely a powerful artefact has to be in play? And indeed, an ornate horn is soon found levitating above the crest.

Royal Armor of Nix

You see a fight on a hill nearby. As you get closer, you see two nix. One is winning, and as he is about to land a finishing blow, you intervene. The defeated nix thanks you for your help, and gifts you with his armor. He believes you deserve it more than he does.

Shield of Naval Glory

You meet an old admiral at the tavern. After a couple of hours full of tales about glorious battles and days long passed he gifts you his parade shield.

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