Ring of Oblivion

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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
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m Equestrian's Gloves
M Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur
t Quiet Eye of the Dragon
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t Ring of Vitality
t Still Eye of the Dragon
M Ring of Oblivion Horn of the Abyss
t Ring of Suppression Horn of the Abyss
m Seal of Sunset Horn of the Abyss
Ring of Oblivion
Ring of Oblivion Class: major
Slot: ring
Cost: 7500 Gold
Effect: Makes all losses in the battle irrevocable
Ring of Oblivion artifact.gif You stand on a field, where a large battle was fought not so long ago. You are troubled by the complete absence of corpses. Amongst the broken swords and armors you discover a ring.

Ring of Oblivion is a major class artifact, that is equipped in ring slot.

  • When worn, it makes all losses in the battle irrevocable: corpses disappear right after unit's death, Resurrection, Animate Dead and Sacrifice are banned for use, vampirism only restores health, but does not bring back dead units, undead cannot be raised using necromancy after battle.

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