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This icon represents the basic morale rating of the

hero’s army. In combat, low morale can cause

creatures to freeze. High morale can allow them

extra attacks (see Combat, pg 40). Click on the

icon to display a list of morale-affecting factors.

This icon represents the current basic luck rating

of the hero’s army. Good luck increases a

creature’s chance to do maximum damage (see

Combat, pg. 40). Click on the icon to display a

list of factors modifying the army’s luck.

High Morale

Excellent Luck

Normal Morale

Good Luck

Low Morale

Positive Luck

Neutral Luck


Each hero has a special ability. Click on this icon to display information about it.


Displays the hero’s current experience points. Click the icon to display the hero’s current level and the

experience points needed to reach the next level (see Skills, pg. 33).

Spell Points

This displays the hero’s current and maximum spell points. (For example, “15/20” means that the hero

currently has 15 spell points out of a maximum of 20). Click the icon for a more verbose display (see

Magic System, pg. 55).

Primary Skills

These icons display your hero’s four primary skills—Attack, Defense, Power, and Knowledge (see Skills pg. 33).

Secondary Skills

Each hero can have up to eight different secondary skills. Icons representing these skills are displayed in

these slots. Each skill can be performed at a basic, advanced, or expert level (see Skills, pg. 33). Click on

each icon to display information about the skill.