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Hero's Army

These seven slots display the troop stacks in the hero's army. Each troop stack portrait has a number

indicating how many creatures are in each slot. The slot a troop stack occupies affects where the troop

appears on the battlefield (see Combat, pg. 40). There are several things you can do with this display to

manage your hero's army.

Displaying Creature Information

Clicking on a highlighted troop stack displays its creature information as follows.

Portrait: This is a picture of the creature as it will appear on the battlefield. The number in the

lower right corner is the number of creatures in the troop. Above the portrait is the creature's name.

Attack: This is the creature's attack rating. The number in parenthesis represents the rating as affected

by the hero's Attack skill and other factors.

Defense: This is the creature's defense rating. In parenthesis is its rating as affected by modifying factors.

Shots: Creatures with ranged attacks have a limited number of shots. This displays how many are left.

If there is no number here, then the creature has no ranged attack.

Damage: This shows the range of damage the creature does when it attacks.

Health: This shows the creature's maximum health points.

Health Left: This shows how many health points the top creature in the troop has left.

Speed: This is the creature's speed rating.

Morale: This shows the creature's current, individual morale rating.

Luck: This is the creature's current, individual luck rating.

Affecting Spells: Spells currently cast on the creature are shown here.




Number of Creatures


Affecting Spells

Dismiss Army