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Spell Scroll as seen on the adventure map

Spell scroll typically refers to a treasure that can be found on the adventure map. Although it is not technically an artifact, it works in a very similar way. It appears in the backpack after hero picks it up, and it can be equipped in the miscellaneous artifact slot. The scroll contains one spell, and as long as the scroll is equipped, that spell is added to the hero's spell book. However, unlike artifacts, scrolls cannot be sacrificed at an Altar of Sacrifice for experience.

It is possible to use spell scrolls, tomes and Spellbinder's Hat to cast (Adventure map) spells even when the hero doesn't have a spell book and/or doesn't have a high enough Wisdom secondary skill to cast them normally.

Spell scrolls can be sold to artifact merchants (but not to the Junkman Horn of the Abyss) with a basic cost of 2500 Gold.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

  • The value of the scroll level 4 increased from 4000 to 8000. Removed Town Portal and Water walk spells.
  • The value of the scroll level 5 increased from 5000 to 10000. Removed Fly and Dimension Door spells.
  • Added scroll with Town Portal, Fly, Dimension Door and (in case of water map) Water walk. Value 20000, frequency of occurrence 30, maximum 1 in the zone.
  • Added restrictions on the maximum number of scrolls in the zone.
    • Scroll Level 1: 6.
    • Scroll Level 2: 5.
    • Scroll Level 3: 4.
    • Scroll Level 4: 3.
    • Scroll Level 5: 2.
  • The mechanism of a uniform distribution of spells in the scrolls: Map will always have about the same number of scrolls with all the spells of the same level, and scrolls with the same spells are less likely to be near each other.