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'ATR is an acronym of Artifact Table' Row. It is used together with Template:Artifact table.


It's for lists table use only to use with template:At template, to show artifact image, name and all other info in table.

  1. name
  2. slot
  3. class
  4. cost
  5. effect
  6. Combo Artifact name
  7. Combo slots / Used if Combo left empty
  • image
  • link
  • source
  • combo_source
  • slotlink
{{Ar|'Artifact name'|'slot'|'class'|'cost'|'effect'|'Combo Artifact name'|'use if empty Combo'}}


{{Ar|Spyglass|Misc.|Treasure|5000|[[Scouting Range]] +1}}


Artifact Slot Class Price Effect Combination
SpyglassSpyglass Misc. Treasure 5000 Gold Scouting Range +1
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Horn of the Abyss (artifact) Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss Misc Relic 50000 Gold   Raises Fangarms from slain stacks of living creatures Extra Large Hands/Nothing Else Horn of the Abyss