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creature bank[edit]


Beyond the map editor:
Obscure campaign heroes
Necromancer Finneas Finneas the Necromancer
Druid Gem Gem the Sorceress
Knight General Kendal General Kendal the Knight
Druid Ordwald Ordwald the Druid
Wizard Yog Yog the Wizard

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RoE manual
17 Fire Lake
23 Elf
54 Dwarf
56 Arch Devil
80 Shipyard
87 Angel
91 Manticore
95 Wyvern
99 Devil
103 Vampire Lord
107 Centaur
111 Roc
115 Solmyr
AB manual
5 Magic Elemental
12 Pixie
17 Phoenix
20 Rust Dragon
23 Rogue
SoD manual
8 Lich
16 Bone Dragon

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File List

"precious resource" - Shadow_of_Death_Manual_Page_27

Gem (sorceress), Yog (wizard) - extra campaign bios - ? Finneas - campaign bio source - ?


creature casts at magical terrains; Adv. Teleport - kinda complicated: Research needed; Special ability; Undead vs Unliving; School of magic; Mana drain; Basic cost; Flag; View World; Scouting radius; Obstacle penalty; Troop stack; Tactics phase; Shots; Shooter; Health; Hand-to-hand; Range penalty; genie-Faerie Dragon-Enchanter - spell tab unification; Victory and Loss Conditions - pics; creature weeks/months; breath attack scheme; Wandering creature; Growth; Highlands; experience; Army strength splitting mechanics details; Anti-Magic Garrison - artifacts and cr. abilities details; tome of Air - 'spell banned by mapmaker' - hota campaigns with altered tomes, chinese mapmaking >>>> patched Map Editor; Force Field and town gates; resistance, thorgrim - specialty details (maybe its a common specialty problem); Elemental - abilities list sample; schools of magic - pictures?; Pandora's Box - value tabs; map objects - CB-like templates with events and so on; 'creatures immune...' to air/earth/water; 'artifacts preventing spell to cast'??? - all spells; Astral, Coronius, Xyron, Xarfax and Manfred and so on and so on specialty; Template Editor

Towns Heroes
Castle Castle
Christian Christian
Edric Edric
Orrin Orrin
Sylvia Sylvia
Valeska Valeska
Sorsha Sorsha
Tyris Tyris
Lord Haart Lord Haart
Catherine CatherineMap Editor
Roland RolandMap Editor
Sir Mullich Sir Mullich
Beatrice Beatrice Horn of the Abyss
Adela Adela
Adelaide Adelaide
Caitlin Caitlin
Cuthbert Cuthbert
Ingham Ingham
Loynis Loynis
Rion Rion
Sanya Sanya
Rampart Rampart
Jenova Jenova
Kyrre Kyrre
Ivor Ivor
Ufretin Ufretin
Clancy Clancy
Thorgrim Thorgrim
Ryland Ryland
Mephala Mephala
Gelu GeluMap Editor
Giselle Giselle Horn of the Abyss
Aeris Aeris
Alagar Alagar
Coronius Coronius
Elleshar Elleshar
Malcom Malcom
Melodia Melodia
Gem Gem
Uland Uland
Tower Tower
Fafner Fafner
Iona Iona
Josephine Josephine
Neela Neela
Piquedram Piquedram
Rissa Rissa
Thane Thane
Torosar Torosar
Aine Aine
Astral Astral
Cyra Cyra
Daremyth Daremyth
Halon Halon
Serena Serena
Solmyr Solmyr
Theodorus Theodorus
Dracon DraconMap Editor
Inferno Inferno
Calh Calh
Fiona Fiona
Ignatius Ignatius
Marius Marius
Nymus Nymus
Octavia Octavia
Pyre Pyre
Rashka Rashka
Xeron XeronMap Editor
Ash Ash
Axsis Axsis
Ayden Ayden
Calid Calid
Olema Olema
Xyron Xyron
Xarfax Xarfax
Zydar Zydar
Necropolis Necropolis
Death Knights
Charna Charna
Clavius Clavius
Galthran Galthran
Isra Isra
Moandor Moandor
Straker Straker
Tamika Tamika
Vokial Vokial
Lord Haart Lord HaartMap Editor
Ranloo Ranloo Horn of the Abyss
Aislinn Aislinn
Nagash Nagash
Nimbus Nimbus
Sandro Sandro
Septienna Septienna
Thant Thant
Vidomina Vidomina
Xsi Xsi
Dungeon Dungeon
Ajit Ajit
Arlach Arlach
Dace Dace
Damacon Damacon
Gunnar Gunnar
Lorelei Lorelei
Shakti Shakti
Synca Synca
Mutare MutareMap Editor
Mutare Drake Mutare DrakeMap Editor
Alamar Alamar
Darkstorn Darkstorn
Deemer Deemer
Geon Geon
Jaegar Jaegar
Jeddite Jeddite
Malekith Malekith
Sephinroth Sephinroth
Stronghold Stronghold
Crag Hack Crag Hack
Gretchin Gretchin
Gurnisson Gurnisson
Jabarkas Jabarkas
Krellion Krellion
Shiva Shiva
Tyraxor Tyraxor
Yog Yog
Boragus BoragusMap Editor
Kilgor KilgorMap Editor
Battle Mages
Dessa Dessa
Gird Gird
Gundula Gundula
Oris Oris
Saurug Saurug
Terek Terek
Vey Vey
Zubin Zubin
Fortress Fortress
Alkin Alkin
Broghild Broghild
Bron Bron
Drakon Drakon
Gerwulf Gerwulf
Korbac Korbac
Tazar Tazar
Wystan Wystan
Andra Andra
Merist Merist
Mirlanda Mirlanda
Rosic Rosic
Styg Styg
Tiva Tiva
Verdish Verdish
Voy Voy
Adrienne AdrienneMap Editor
Kinkeria Kinkeria Horn of the Abyss
Conflux Conflux
Erdamon Erdamon
Fiur Fiur
Ignissa Ignissa
Kalt Kalt
Lacus Lacus
Monere Monere
Pasis Pasis
Thunar Thunar
Aenain Aenain
Brissa Brissa
Ciele Ciele
Gelare Gelare
Grindan Grindan
Inteus Inteus
Labetha Labetha
Luna Luna
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss
Captains Horn of the Abyss
Corkes Corkes
Jeremy Jeremy
Illor Illor
Derek Derek
Elmore Elmore
Leena Leena
Anabel Anabel
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
Miriam Miriam
Bidley BidleyHorn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)
Tark TarkHorn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)
Navigators Horn of the Abyss
Casmetra Casmetra
Eovacius Eovacius
Spint Spint
Andal Andal
Manfred Manfred
Zilare Zilare
Astra Astra
Dargem Dargem
Factory Factory Horn of the Abyss
Mercenaries Horn of the Abyss
Henrietta Henrietta
Sam Sam
Tancred Tancred
Melchior Melchior
Floribert Floribert
Wynona Wynona
Dury Dury
Morton Morton
Tavin TavinHorn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)
Murdoch MurdochHorn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)
Artificers Horn of the Abyss
Celestine Celestine
Todd Todd
Agar Agar
Bertram Bertram
Wrathmont Wrathmont
Ziph Ziph
Victoria Victoria
Eanswythe Eanswythe
Frederick FrederickHorn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)

Proving grounds[edit]

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External Nest as seen on the adventure map.
Let's rock!
1234 293939 12321 1234 293939 12321
3234ii 22 2slkj3 1234 293939 12321
333km 19191ke 1234 293939 1234 12321


Wisdom bas Wisdom
Wisdom adv Wisdom
Wisdom exp Wisdom
Wisdom Wisdom
Wisdom Wisdom (adv.)
Wisdom Wisdom (exp.)

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Towns Heroes
Castle Castle
Christian Christian
Edric Edric
Orrin Orrin
Sylvia Sylvia
Valeska Valeska
Sorsha Sorsha
Tyris Tyris
Lord Haart Lord Haart
Catherine Catherine
Roland Roland
Sir Mullich Sir Mullich
Adela Adela
Adelaide Adelaide
Caitlin Caitlin
Cuthbert Cuthbert
Ingham Ingham
Loynis Loynis
Rion Rion
Sanya Sanya


|}<noinclude> == Related tempate == * [[:Template:!T]] [[Category: Help templates|!]]</noinclude>


Hovel as seen on the Adventure Map

The Hovel produces Peasants at a rate of 25 a week.

Hovels can only be found on the Adventure map.

Added in Armageddon's Blade.

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