Badge of Courage

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Badge of Courage
Badge of Courage Class: treasure
Slot: misc
Cost: 1000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, The Badge of Courage increases hero's morale by +1. It also gives immunity to mind spells, although the effect is not in the artifact's description.
Badge of Courage artifact.gif After saving a young boy from a vicious pack of Wolves, you return him to his father's manor. The grateful nobleman awards you with a Badge of Courage.

Badge of Courage is a treasure class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot.

According to the Badge of Courage's description, it only gives +1 to hero's morale. However, it also has a hidden effect, which gives hero's troops immunity to all mind spells. This latter power was never documented in the game.

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Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, the Badge of Courage no longer protects against mind spells.

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