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Poisonous is a special ability of Wyvern Monarchs (also Sea Serpents and Haspids in Horn of the Abyss). It may occur after they have attacked or retaliated target creature stack. The chance of poisoning the target is 20%. Poison and its effects can only be removed with the Cure spell.

When poisoned, the target stack's maximum health is decreased by 10% for every combat round for three rounds. The reduction is always calculated from the creature stack's statistical maximum health. The effect is cumulative, which means that after three rounds the poisoned creature has lost 30% of its maximum health. After three rounds, the creature is no longer poisoned, but the maximum health remains decreased. The same troop can be poisoned again, but the maximum health will decrease only up to 50%. The reduction of maximum health does not kill the creatures, but it makes them more vulnerable.

The possible poisoning effect takes place after the attack and before the stack has chance to retaliate. The effect of poison has multiplicative effect with Ghost Dragon's aging ability. This means, that the creature stack's health could potentially be quartered.

Creatures with poisonous special ability:

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