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A hero may retreat from combat anytime it is his turn. Players cannot retreat if the hero is defending in a siege (unless he is in a Stronghold that has an Escape Tunnel) or fighting against an enemy hero wielding the Shackles of War. The hero will reappear in the Tavern ready for immediate re-recruiting and retain all artifacts but lose all armies.

Note: Even if your hero inflicted serious losses to the opponent, if you retreat from combat no experience will be gained from the battle.

Retreating (or surrendering) is a good idea

  • When defeat is imminent.
  • As a means to travel to a distant town, to be re-recruited there, however this is tactically unsound and costs 2500 gold (and the hero's current armies).
  • To preserve artifacts which will otherwise fall into an enemy hero's hands.
  • To preserve a powerful hero with strong stats, spells, or high level.